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Impact Bank Financial Statement

A direct link to an Excel spreadsheet for your use in preparing your annual financial statement, or for a periodic glance at where you are today.


Instructions for use of Financial Statement Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

  • Click > DOWNLOAD above to open or download the Excel spreadsheet ("Save As", and save to your computer).
  • Once you have the spreadsheet open, notice it has several "pages" or "tabs" along the bottom area, which denote the various pages within the Financial Statement. DO NOT TYPE ANYTHING in cells highlighted with yellow. These cells contain formulas that interlock thoughout the worksheet. As you list your entries on the appropriate schedules, the numbers will total themselves at the bottom of that section/page and carry forward to your front page.
  • Once you have entered your information, be sure to save the file.
  • File, Save As, and then save it to your A: drive on a floppy disk or on your C: drive. The file name would probably include your name, the year, with a file extension of .xls, i.e. farmer03.xls.
  • At this point you have the completed information at your disposal to print and deliver to the bank. 

Impact Bank Crop Production

An Excel spreadsheet that calculates projected and insured production, based on information provided by user. Helps accomplish the "first step" in making crop marketing decisions. (A download file box will appear. Select Save – do not click on Open – and save it to your hard drive. Then you may use the file from there.)


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