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Individual Retirement Account

Our personal, tax-sheltered retirement plans are for anyone with earned income. Your deposits may be tax-deductible in your savings program, and your earnings accumulate tax-deferred until retirement. Tax cannot be collected on deposits and earnings until you withdraw it for retirement. Chances are, you'll be in a lower tax bracket by then.

Your IRA account can be set up in a certificate of deposit account. You may contribute a lump sum or make additions to your IRA on a periodic basis throughout the year. Your standard IRA setup is free. Self-directed IRAs put you in charge of all the investment decisions about your retirement savings. Your investment options include savings accounts, mutual funds, stocks, bonds and government securities.

Impact Bank does not provide investment advice regarding self-directed IRAs. Federal regulations require a substantial penalty for early withdrawals from IRAs.

Stop by or call us for information on contribution amounts or age requirements.