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Certificate of Deposit

Impact Bank offers a wide variety of CD options for customers. The amount of interest paid on a certificate of deposit is dependent upon the time length of the CD. (Time length is also referred to as "term.") Impact Bank is very flexible in the terms offered to customers. A customer may choose a CD for a minimum time length of seven days up to a maximum time length of five years.

A Certificate of deposit is a "contract" between the customer and the bank, therefore the bank has the right to charge a penalty should the customer wish to withdraw the money before the term of the CD is up. Depending upon the term of the CD, the penalty is either 91 days' interest or 182 days' interest.

Certificates of Deposit account holders have a wide selection of interest payment options. The earned interest can be compounded (added to the balance of the CD), or the customer may choose to have the interest paid in the form of a check, or deposited to an account at Impact Bank or to another financial institution.