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To report fraud against your IMPACT BANK Debit Card during regular banking hours, please call 620-326-3361 or 620-845-6444.   

Impact Bank check/credit card representatives are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so you can report fraud after hours by calling 877-226-2351.


Debit Card Fraud Management 

As criminals find new ways to commit card fraud, proactive fraud management is crucial.

New Fraud Protection Program Starting April 30, 2012
In 2009, Impact Bank safeguarded all its debit account cardholders from fraud by implementing the FIS Fraud Alert Management system,  a fraud scoring system for all Impact Bank debit card transactions. We were on the forefront of offering our customers an added layer of protection from possible account fraud, thus minimizing your risk and protecting you against losses.

How does it work?
Using cardholder history and transaction data, the Fraud Alert Management system analyzes each transaction looking for patterns and trends that would indicate a risk or likelihood of fraud. If the transaction is reviewed and no fraud is suspected, your purchase is approved. If the fraud management system detects a risk for fraud, the purchase will be declined and a fraud alert generated. Once a fraud alert is created, the cardholder is contacted immediately to verify the transaction and determine whether the cardholder account has been compromised. Until contact can be made with the customer, the debit card is “hotcarded” which temporarily blocks any transaction on the account to prevent fraud transactions.

Round-the-clock support
The Fraud Alert Management system is on guard for Impact Bank debit card accounts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If the network identifies suspicious activity indicative of potential fraud, the cardholder is contacted to verify the transaction. If the cardholder can’t be reached, a member of the fraud team evaluates the transaction and the cardholder history to determine appropriate action. For example, a temporary hold can be placed on the card to protect the cardholder until he or she can be reached. 

Should I notify the Bank when I travel?
Yes! Usually when you travel, it is not a part of your “normal” purchasing behavior. We strongly recommend that before leaving, you contact us to notify us of your travel plans. We also consider it a best practice to take a second source of payment with you (cash, credit card and/or prepaid debit cards). Failure to notify us of your travel plans could result in your card being temporarily blocked or suspended if suspicious activity is detected.

What can I do to help?
Contact us to make sure that we have current phone numbers, including a mobile phone number for you! We encourage you to review your account activity as often as possible. For real-time review, we recommend using Online Banking and/or Mobile Banking. Report any suspicious or unauthorized transactions immediately. The sooner you report, the quicker we can act to identify and prevent further activity.